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This flat-bottom filter paper helps perfectly extract the flavour of your coffee. With the help of the density, thickness, and wrinkle of the filter paper, a unique flavour is extracted, and a cup of sweet and well balanced coffee is ready to be tasted.

It is made from artificially planted forest areas. Made by 100% natural wood pulp raw material, without adding any fluorescent substance.

The CAFEC coffee paper filter is a green product, which includes the non-wood Manila hemp name "ABACA". The ABACA has many advantages such as permeability, suppleness and strong-ness. Thanks to these advantages, our ABACA paper filter is very supple and strong with a high liquid permeability.

  • Size Cup 102 (for 3-5cups), 100 sheets filter paper

  • Suitable for Kalita or Clever dripper use

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