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Origin: Kenya

FARM: Hanner Wanjiku Mukunga

Location: Githunguri, Kiambu

ALTITUDE: 1850-1880 MASL

Producers: Hanner Wanjiku Mukunga

VARIETAL: Ruiru 11, SL28



Experience the extraordinary Mukunga Estate coffee, a true gem from the high altitudes of Githunguri, Kiambu in Central Kenya. This coffee delights the palate with vibrant notes of blackcurrant, rhubarb, and rose hip, delivering a symphony of flavors that dance with each sip. When enjoyed as an espresso, its natural fruity and floral notes become even more pronounced, transforming into a creamy, berry-infused delight when paired with milk.

Roasting this coffee is a rewarding challenge, as its dense beans, grown at an impressive 1850-1880 meters above sea level, reflect the cooler evening temperatures and unique microclimate of the Aberdare forest region. The volcanic soil and abundant rainfall in this area nurture the beans, allowing them to mature slowly and develop their complex, rich flavors.

Hanner Wanjiku Mukunga, the dedicated owner and operator of Mukunga Estate, ensures that each bean reflects her commitment to quality and sustainability. Hanner’s passion for coffee is evident in her meticulous care of the farm and her community. She maintains an arabica seedling nursery, providing affordable seedlings to neighboring farmers and fostering a collaborative, supportive environment. This dedication to excellence and community shines through in every cup of Mukunga Estate coffee.

The fully washed processing method used for these beans enhances their clarity and brightness, resulting in a clean, crisp cup that truly showcases the best of Kenyan coffee. The careful handpicking and processing on the estate ensure full traceability and superior quality, making each cup a testament to Hanner’s expertise and the ideal growing conditions of Kiambu.

For the ultimate coffee experience, we recommend brewing Mukunga Estate coffee using a filter method. This will highlight its bright, bold flavors and allow you to fully appreciate its exquisite profile. Don't miss out on this remarkable coffee – it’s a standout example of the best that Kenya has to offer.


HARVEST: Central Kenya: May – July (early crop) | October – December (late crop)

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