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TASTING NOTES | Black Cherry, Blood Orange, Red Plum  

Origin: Colombia

Farm: El Placer 

Region: Quindío and Huila

Altitude: 1200 - 2100 MASL

Producers: Sebastian Ramírez

Variety: Wush Wush

Processing: Anaerobic Natural

Suggested brew method: Filter 


Discover the extraordinary flavor of Wush Wush coffee, meticulously cultivated at El Placer Farms in the verdant Green Mountains of Quindio, Colombia. Grown at elevations between 1200 to 2100 MASL, this coffee embodies the perfect combination of altitude, climate, and rich volcanic soils. 

About the Farm:

El Placer Farms, led by fourth-generation coffee producer Sebastian Ramírez, is a beacon of excellence in specialty coffee production. With over fourteen years of experience, Sebastian has expanded his family’s legacy to include small farms in Quindio and Huila, such as El Placer, Andalucía, La Sofia, La Carita, and La Paz.

Quality and Sustainability:

Sebastian Ramírez is dedicated to producing top-tier specialty coffee, adhering to rigorous quality standards and sustainable practices. He provides technical and academic support to partner coffee producers, ensuring fair prices and environmentally friendly methods throughout production, post-harvest, and drying processes.

Innovative Processing:

Innovations in post-harvest coffee processes and the standardization of these processes ensure consistency and exceptional quality in every cup. Utilizing unique fermentations with yeasts and lactic bacteria, the Fermentations Team creates coffee with remarkable Aroma, Fragrance, Acidity, and Body.

Natural Processing Steps:

Initial Measurements: Brix degrees and pH levels of coffee cherries are measured.

Hand Selection: Cherries undergo three stages of hand selection for optimal quality.

Water Immersion: Cherries are immersed to remove "floaters."

Fermentation Preparation: Optimal cherries are selected by hand for homogeneous fermentation. Cherries are placed in 200-liter tanks with CO2 injection for controlled fermentation, inoculated with their own Mosto (Lixiviado) to enhance flavor.

Drying: The coffee is dried on raised African beds, milled, and stored. 

Sustainable Practices:

To maintain sustainability, herbicides are avoided, with machetes and scythes used for weed control. A water recirculation system ensures clean water is returned to nearby rivers and lakes, preserving the local ecosystem. 

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