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Four coffees. Four vastly different experiences. A true reflection of the diversity of talent and terroir across Colombia.

This month we’re setting our sights - and our tasting spoons - on Colombia, a nation at the crossroads of Central and South America, the Caribbean Sea and the Pacific Ocean.

With its snow-covered mountains, active volcanoes, arid deserts, tropical grasslands, and of course the rainforest of the Amazon basin, this is a vast country with huge diversity in its people and terrain.

So it comes as no surprise that this diversity is reflected in the immense variety of coffee being produced. With this in mind, we have selected some of our current favourites from four highly talented producers. Each exotic micro lot specialises in a new varietal and employs both traditional and experimental processing methods. The results? Exciting, challenging, fascinating and above all, enjoyable. Exactly what we got into the world of coffee for!

We hope you enjoy this selection.

Country of origin: Colombia

Weight: 4 x 40gm

Suggested brew method: Filter